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The Tale of Angie & Logan

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Angela Leigh Goen, who lived in a little old house in a quiet little town on the sandy shores of Lake Michigan. Angela grew and flourished under the watchful eyes of two nurturing and benevolent parents, two dashing and venerable older brothers, and numerous companions and kin.

On the rocks of the brinier waters of Long Island Sound, a tow-headed lad called Logan Gray Chittenden fished for crabs, captured minnows, and longed for the arrival of his first home computer as his adoring parents looked on in wonder. And when the fated machine arrived (the blessed Apple IIGS), the little boy's life was irrevocably altered…

At the tender age of fifteen years, Angela was a seasoned veteran of The Internet and its myriad chat-based rooms. Via a mutual digital acquaintance, Angela's screen name was bequeathed to young Logan. "Speak to him," the acquaintance told Angela, "Thou hast the same sense of humor." And lo, it was truth. Innumerable hours were wiled away in front of the glowing screen as the youths conversed. Magically, adoration blossomed, and the star-crossed adolescents knew that they must meet in person.

On the first day of April in the year of Our Lord Nineteen Hundred Ninety-Eight, the intrepid, yet apprehensive boy journeyed to the quiet little town to meet the stranger he already loved. It took only a look and an embrace for both of them to know they were completely besotted and wished to stay that way forever.

About Angie

Angela Leigh Goen was born on March 15, 1982 in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Angela came home from her first day of kindergarten and proclaimed, "I want to be called Angie!" and that's who she's been ever since. After graduating from high school in 2000, Angie (with Logan by her side), accepted a scholarship to Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, MI and studied there for two years. Wistfully, the couple then ventured out to Logan's native Connecticut. Angie attended Central Connecticut State University and earned her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education in 2005. Excited by the prospect of being paid to herd and entertain small children all day, Angie taught preschool for a few years. It was also around this time that Angie and Logan adopted their ebullient yet cowardly dog, Cricket, from a shelter in Sterling, MA. In 2008, Angie decided she missed being a professional student and started an indescribably rigorous graduate program in Communication Disorders at Southern Connecticut State University. In May of 2011, Angie officially became a Speech-Language Pathologist and procured her first job working for AllStar Therapy, a CT-based company that staffs therapists to work in Apple Rehab facilities. Angie provides her services in two skilled nursing facilities; one in Old Saybrook, CT and one in Uncasville, CT. When she isn't planning for this wedding, Angie loves to sleep late, play tennis, hike, watch old British comedies, and let Logan do the laundry.

About Logan

Logan Gray Chittenden was born on May 18, 1981 in New Haven, CT. An exceedingly adorable, thoughtful, and creative child, Logan loved playing with Legos (and his dad's power tools) and romping around with his dog, Spunk. He attended the Country School in Madison, CT until his eighth grade graduation and spent his freshman year at Watkinson School in Hartford, CT. It was here that he met his best friend, John Beck, who will officiate the wedding ceremony. When Logan decided he was done with school, he received his G.E.D. (with honors) in 1997 and absorbed terrifying knowledge regarding all things digital, especially computers. Currently, Logan is self-employed and has his hands in a plethora of cookie jars. In addition to doing consulting work, Logan is involved in a number of start-up development projects, including ImageAMMO (a piece of interactive 3D photo display software) and Say Hi (a piece of speech-to-speech translation software) in addition to his independent ventures. When Logan isn't spending long hours staring at a computer screen, he enjoys playing video games, quoting The Simpsons, making Cricket perform her tricks, and attempting to beat his dad at tennis.

The Proposal

On April 7, 2011, Angie stopped home between work (internship at a local elementary school) and an evening class. The weather was unusually fine, so Angie suggested that she and Logan take the dog for a quick walk. The couple and their canine sauntered across the street to Buffalo Bay—a small compound of houses on Long Island Sound—and let Cricket off her leash. As they walked past Logan's grandfather's house (which was sold following his passing), Logan suggested they go down to the rocks where he used to play as a child. The water was clear, the air was fresh, and standing side by side on those cherished rocks, Logan presented Angie with The One Ring and asked if she would marry him. Naturally, she said, "Sure, why not?" There was much rejoicing, but being a student to the core, Angie took her sparkly new ring and headed to class. Don't despair! Proper celebration did indeed occur!